Changed Lives

Ending homelessness for two!

Cory was as miserable as anyone could be, homeless on the streets of Raleigh with a severe eye infection. When it became too painful to keep going, she sought treatment … Continue reading

Even Pharmacy Techs Aren’t Immune to Homelessness

Tangie was a Pharmaceutical Tech, but lost her job due to a chronic illness. When her boyfriend kicked her out of the house to see another woman, she had no … Continue reading

From drug dealing barber to tithing Christian

Young and naïve, Martin deluded himself into thinking he could win a jackpot by gambling. Instead, he ended up deeply in debt, and exposed to the dark world of alcohol … Continue reading

A mother’s love wins out

“I was not a functional person – at all,” she told us. “I couldn’t do anything.” Then she faced having her three younger children placed in permanent care outside the … Continue reading

A cold wake up call

On a freezing cold winter night in Raleigh, Allison* was one of an estimated two-dozen women who were shivering outside, trying to survive. She walked around until 1:30 in the … Continue reading

Prayers from the “Foxhole” of Homelessness

One of eight children, Justin* grew up understanding the importance of hard work by watching his father provide for the family as a master plumber. At age 13, he began … Continue reading

A Terrible Fall . . . An Amazing Comeback!

Felicia* thought getting married in her 50’s would be the start of the best part of her life. Her children were grown and she was glad not to be alone … Continue reading

A Homeless Honeymoon for Liz

Only eight months after she was married, Liz* lost her job. Then her husband abandoned her for another woman, taking every cent they had with him. To survive, Liz pawned … Continue reading

Betrayed into Homelessness

“Now I know God’s working in my life every day. I wake up every morning and . . . say ‘Thank you!’ I’ve got a home. I’ve got a place … Continue reading

From Skid Row to CEO

“I spent eight days in a shelter. They kicked me out during the day. I went to the park or the library. I met guys who lived in the woods … Continue reading