Changed Lives

From serving others to being served by YOU

“This place opened their arms to me, and they have been teaching me to take one day at a time.” – Thomas Continue reading

When Doing the Right Thing Goes Wrong

It seemed like Tiffoney had everything – a husband, three children, a home and a church family. Then one day, her husband hit her. The abuse got worse, until she … Continue reading

No Room at the Inn . . . or the Couch!

Laquana’s life fell apart at 15, when her mother kicked her out of the house for causing too much trouble. “I’ve gone three days without water, five days without food,” … Continue reading

She Came in Sobbing, then a Miracle Happened!

Often homeless children become like caregivers, comforting their mothers as they face the reality of life in a homeless shelter. She Came in Sobbing, then a Miracle Happened! Like so … Continue reading

Thrown away for 12 years

Vanessa* thought she was in love. Unfortunately, the man she expected to marry soon started beating her and threatening her life. Then he took every penny she earned as a … Continue reading

Raleigh’s Invisible Castaway

Barry was a computer technician, until his job moved overseas without him. After trying to start a new career, he was homeless. That first night, he walked 12 hours in … Continue reading

Restoring a Raleigh Entrepreneur

Clint* has lived in Raleigh almost all his life. He had a home repair business for seven years, with customers as far as Wendell, Zebulon, Bailey and Garner. But when … Continue reading

Facing homelessness with a Preemie

Brenna* came to us right after Christmas, in the coldest part of winter, with her five-month-old son in her arms. The child’s father had abandoned the family shortly after he … Continue reading

Ending homelessness for two!

Cory was as miserable as anyone could be, homeless on the streets of Raleigh with a severe eye infection. When it became too painful to keep going, she sought treatment … Continue reading

Even Pharmacy Techs Aren’t Immune to Homelessness

Tangie was a Pharmaceutical Tech, but lost her job due to a chronic illness. When her boyfriend kicked her out of the house to see another woman, she had no … Continue reading