Changed Lives

A widow unprotected on Raleigh’s streets

“When you give . . . you’re saving someone’s life.” –Pearl Continue reading

Homelessness split her family in four pieces . . .

“I was thinking if I could just get a job . . . the boys and I were going to be ok. That did not happen.” – Verlisha Continue reading

A Babysitter Away from Homelessness

“I don’t have to stress about having somewhere to lay our heads. The Mission is helping me better myself, so we won’t be in this predicament anymore.” – Tiara Continue reading

Helping Randy Bail Out of Homelessness

“If you are able to give, give. This is a great place and the Lord will bless you for doing so. There’s a lot of people who need the Raleigh Rescue Mission.” – Randy Continue reading


20 Years of Homelessness – No Match for God’s Love

“God has been good to me. I appreciate everyone for their support and encouragement. I will do anything I can to help the Mission. It’s in my heart to give back once I leave here. I want to continue being part of this.” Continue reading

Doug Photo

A Layoff Disaster at 55

“I’ve learned that homelessness can happen to anybody . . . everything the Mission provides is truly appreciated!” – Doug Continue reading


Abandoned Mom Works Toward College Comeback

“Don’t get discouraged on giving because you are helping people like me who want to help themselves. They just need a place or someone to lean on for a little while.” –Shelly Continue reading

Shikeita photo

Baby’s First Birthday – on a Bus

“I tried my best not to let my son go without eating. I would ask people to feed my son, but I would go without. A lot of people gave him some food. As long as he was eating, I was ok.” – Shikeita Continue reading


Duct Tape no Longer Necessary

“I had been praying to God to get out from under the abuse of my husband.” – Mandi Continue reading


Standing on Her Own Two Feet

“When I first walked in the door at the Mission, I just felt like it was a healing place.”
– Julie
Continue reading