A hard road to motherhood

When Rose found out she was pregnant, her grandfather kicked her out of the house. She lived in her car for nearly four months.

Once she was a volunteer EMT with an ambulance crew. She studied criminal justice to become a police officer. She never dreamed she would be the one in crisis needing help.

As her due date neared, she found work as a barista and rented a small, shabby room. In her precarious situation, Rose planned to give her baby up for adoption.

But then she held her newborn in her arms . . .

Rose looked at her new baby and knew she couldn’t part with her. Suddenly and unexpectedly she was a single mother on her own. She couldn’t go to work without a babysitter. And she couldn’t hire a babysitter on minimum wage.

As if things couldn’t get any harder, she suffered from post-partum depression. This condition debilitates more than 1 in 10 new moms. Rose’s case was so severe that social workers removed the baby from her care.

Three days later, Rose came into Raleigh Rescue Mission with empty arms and a broken heart. She enrolled in our recovery program, where medication, life skills classes and mentoring allowed her to blossom quickly. She told us:

“I’ve become a completely different person since that day I came in. I’m definitely grateful to have a roof over my head, hot food, a shower and a bed. If it wasn’t for the Mission helping me get back on my feet, I don’t know where I’d be. I don’t know where my daughter would be.

Now I smile all the time. I’m closer to God. For me, Raleigh Rescue Mission is a blessing.”

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